Quality & Environmental

Diamondpak embraces environmentally friendly practices.
Plastic and inefficient wrapping methods are old news. Instead, recycled materials, composites, and reusable designs are now being favoured. Not only does this save our customers a great deal of money, but our manufacturing ecology and environmental sustainability is protected. A cost-effective package uses as little space as possible whist ensuring its contents are protected thus minimizing both weight and shipping costs.

Diamondpak is ISO9001 certified, supplying an extensive range of FSC certified corrugated packaging from cardboard shipping boxes to promotional packaging, as well as more intricate, protective packaging. All its packaging is fully recyclable and its inks and glues are water-based and solvent free.

Why choose FSC ?
FSC is recognised by WWF as the “hallmark of responsible forest management”. The FSC label provides a powerful link between the responsible production and consumption of forest products, bringing together environmental, social, and economic interests in a balanced way to work towards sustainable solutions. Diamondpak’s commitment to environmental sustainability has earned them FSC certified – certificate number SGSCH-COC-020079, licence number FSC-C123237.