Floor Standing Display Units (FSDU)

Diamondpak is one of the leading Independent manufacturers of Floor Standing Display Units (FDSU). These free standing floor display units allow customers to showcase their products to their maximum advantage in order to encourage spot impulse purchases. Our in-house team of designers will work with you to ensure your FDSU’s are designed, manufactured and printed to the highest quality.

They will assist you from concept right through to production whatever size or shape you require in order to maximise your brand presence. FSDU’s are manufactured from robust corrugated cardboard ensuring product longevity and value for money as it allows retailers to frequently and easily replenish the stock on promotion.

FSDU’s are frequently used at the end of supermarket aisles as large free standing point of sale units but they can be strategically placed anywhere where you wish to maximise product promotions or to increasing your brand awareness on shop floors, at shows, events, exhibitions or in retail chains.

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